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The beginning of the implementation of a successful Talent Management policy!

At Talent Management 3.0 we believe that everyone has natural productive talents: specific ways of thinking, relating with others and managing emotions which when used in an intentional and optimal way, allow us to manage our emotions and produce high levels of engagement and performance.

Some talents are visible, some talents are potentials, and when we use them and feel energized using them, we call them “Strengths”.

Based on our vast organizational experience paired with leading research in this field, we believe that whereas competence alone can potentially produce improved performance, by combining strengths and competencies we can produced sustained high performance for certain.

That is why it is highly worthwhile for not only an individual but also the organisation as a whole to identify these talents and intentionally invest in them to accelerate personal and professional development.

In order to identify these Talents, we use a tool called Strengthscope® a Strengths Partnership Ltd tool.

Strengths Partnership Ltd definition of the tool:

Strengthscope® is an assessment tool that provides a comprehensive measurement of an individual’s strengths (visible talents) and the extent to which these are productively applied at work. It is designed to help those completing it to identify their distinctive strengths. We define strengths as underlying qualities that energize us. Some of the benefits of understanding and applying our strengths at work include:


Applying our strengths more often will produce higher levels of motivation and enjoyment at work.


Increased confidence and resilience to overcome performance blockers.


Better team work.


Improved results and sense of achievement.


Improved understanding of our weaker areas and overplayed strengths.

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