Leadership development

For authentic and agile leaders!

Leadership is a particular power relationship based on influence through inspiration. It takes place between an individual and a group in order to reach a goal.

For Talent Management 3.0 effective leadership is a matter of inspiring.

We believe that everyone has the potential to be a leader, because everyone can influence and inspire someone in order to reach a goal.

Inspiring behaviours have been the subject of researches for many years, and it is in “the great companies to work for” that the best models of inspiring behaviours can be found.

In these “great companies” leadership behaviours are encouraged at all levels of management. There are no more “managers”, only leaders who carry out management tasks.

But their main responsibility consists of inspiring their constituents by telling them the “BIG WHY” (vision) never the “LITTLE WHY-we do things”, rarely “the WHAT- should be done” and certainly not “the HOW- things must be done”!

At Talent Management 3.0 we believe effective leadership is equally a matter of authenticity.

We believe that “leaders with whom it is great to work with” are not only effective but they also are authentic.

They inspire and remain true to who they deeply are.

What they adapt is their behaviors to face changes that they encounter or that they decide.

We believe that not everyone will become a “great leader”, but that everyone can become a “better leader” i.e. a “leader with whom it is great to work with” by developing his/her personal agility.

Leadership and authenticity : we help leaders become authentic leaders by aligning their talents and their values.

authenticityAt Talent Management 3.0 we believe that the most authentic leadership is the one we can observe with the «leaders with whom it is great to work with”.

These leaders are able to maintain the tension between personal values and aspirations whilst also focusing on the business strategy and the needs of the business to find a conscious and creative solution that allows them to deal with this paradox.

This is why we start by helping leaders to identify their values and then we help them to define how, using all their talents and agility, they can find their equilibrium point.


Identification and development of leaders’ talents: we help leaders become agile in the management of their strengths.

identificationWe use StrengthscopeLeader™ to help leaders improve their leadership agility. It is a report based on Strenghtscope® and on Strenghtscope360°™. It is a leadership profiler that provides a better understanding of leadership strengths and performance risks areas. It allows the leader to discover the leadership roles and activities that are likely to be most energizing for them. – it offers leaders an effective path to better understand:

  • The perception they and their raters have about the visibility of their strengths and their effectiveness
  • The potential risks if they do too much with their strengths or with the aspect of work that drain their energy
  • The 4 leadership habits (purpose, passion, process and performance) and the confidence others have in their performance over these key areas
  • The confidence their raters have in their ability to perform in the 4 areas

With their accredited coach, leaders will then define their leadership development plan.

Emotional intelligence development : we help you become agile with your emotional intelligence.

emotional intelligence development

At Talent Management 3.0 we believe that the leader who seeks to inspire others must be aware of emotions (his own and his constituents’) and be able to manage them appropriately.

For Talent Management 3.0 managing emotions appropriately for any leader means: identifying and welcoming “emotional styles”, practicing new behaviors better adapted to his/her new role of agile and appreciative leader.

This is why we start by helping leaders identify their “emotional style” with a self-assessment research-based tool and then, we help them to define how, using all of their talents and agility, they can find appropriate styles.

Implementation of a strengths- based Talent Management policy: we transfer to the leaders all cultural, methods and tools elements in order to make them autonomous.

implementationAs a leader one of the best leadership habits which can be developed to make you a great leader is the ability to put their follower’s strengths at work. This is why we recommend that they take Strengthscope™ and Strengthscope Team™ accreditations.

We also recommend that you follow one or more of the coaching  or training sessions.

Have also a look at our consulting proposal.