For successful strengths focus!

You may not be conscious of it, but in your daily work you operate in two different zones:

The comfort zone is where you operate automatically, without even thinking about it. In this comfort zone you use assimilated knowledge and skills, and natural talents transformed into strengths through experience. If you really use your strengths in this zone, your performance is already high and you feel energized at work. For this zone, regarding your strengths the questions can be:

  • Do I use them enough?
  • Do I overuse them?

The leverage zone (also called stretch zone) is where your talents which have not yet been transformed into strengths live untapped. For this zone the questions can be:

  • What kind of knowledge, skills, experience do I need t add to this natural talent to transform it into a real strength?
  • How can I become more performing using more my existing strengths?

Coaching 1: Put your strengths at work, become agile.

After strengths identification with Strengthscope®, you will be guided through these questions with your accredited coach and be given the opportunity to overcome your limiting beliefs. Through this development plan which ensures maximum use of the team’s strengths including their productive habits which relate with their performance objectives.

Note: depending on the choice of your company, this “Talent-Finder” work will be done by Talent Management 3.0 or by a Leader (from another department), a Talent Manager an external or internal coach or a trainer accredited by Talent Management 3.0. We provide accreditation trainings which allow companies to autonomously identify individual strengths, give positive feedback and build development plan.

Coaching 2: Put your team members strengths at work, become agile

Talent Management 3.0 can coach your team using the StrengthscopeTeam™ made from the individual reports and 360°. We will give the team information about its strengths as well as its performance risks. The report measures the performance of the team against 20 ‘productive habits’ or behaviors associated with peak performance. We will put in place a development plan that ensure maximum use of team’s strengths regarding these productive habits and regarding performance goals of the team.

Note: Talent Management 3.0 can coach you during your first team work with StrengthscopeTeam™ , when after accreditation, you will first assume your role of “Talent-Maximizer” for a team. You will be coached to form new habits based on powerful questions to help apply appreciative feedback to the team. You will also be given the opportunity to overcome your limiting beliefs, regarding this new role.