For Whom

To all organizations and individuals who want to make the most of who they are… by focusing first on their natural talents at work.


Why it works for organizations?

Leaders who focus on strengths (their own and their people’s)…who align culture, structure and management processes with their talent management policy: find out possibilities how to improve performance and engagement.

Managers who make the most of each of their team members’ talents: find out each team members become able to adopt effective team behaviors in order to reach high individual and team performance.

Employees who intentionally put their strengths at work experience flow more often and therefore out-perform those who don’t both as an individual and when working in a team.

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Choose the relevant coaching and /or training:

Leadership development

Coaching for successful strengths focus

Become an accredited coach: become a “Talents – finder” and “Talents-Maximiser”, or Overcome employees limiting beliefs and put your team members’strengths at work. Lead successfully performance and talent review meetings.

Research on Strengths-based management:

Teams with line managers who take a ‘strengths’ approach are 86% more effective than teams that don’t (Gallup, 2002)

When an organization focuses on strengths, employee engagement can increase up to 73% (Rath & Conchie, 2008)

When line managers focus their appraisals on employees strengths and talents, performance can change up to 36%(Corporate Leadership Council, 2005)

In companies where people are allowed to do what they do best every day, companies have a 44% higher probability of success on customer loyalty(Harter &Schmidt, 2002)

HR, Trainers & Coaches

Why it works for HR, trainers and coaches?

Professionals in charge of people development, who can identify people’s talents, are better armed :

  • To accompany the development of both revealed and potential talents towards greater performance
  • To plan and allocate resources effectively
  • To chose the right investment (training with the best ROI)
  • To increase employee motivation and engagement

… while facilitating a positive and sustainable psychological environment.

Discover how to take Strengthscope

Get informed about the consulting process

Choose the relevant coaching

Choose the relevant training and accreditations

Research on Strengths-based management:

Strengths focus is one of the most powerful internal driver of an engaged state for an individual and coaching with strengths focus method enhance employee engagement and performance (Crabb, 2011).


Why it can work for you too…on your own initiative?

Individuals who want to understand what is the best they can bring to their organization and their talents and strengths, who want to be able to use these talents in their daily work, to:

  • To maintain, develop their motivation at work,
  • To develop their creativity,
  • To succeed in their quest for happiness and creativity at work, and outside work

… while becoming able to overcome the self and organizational barriers they will encounter.

Discover how to take Strengthscope®

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Research on Strengths-based management:

People who do focus on their strengths every day are 6 times as likely to be engaged in their jobs.

(Gallup, 2009)

People who do focus on their strengths every day are 3 times as likely to say they have an excellent quality of life. (Gallup, 2009)